BlackBox Trainer

A personal fitness service that provides regular, customized workout deliveredonline or to your mobile device. BlackBox also provides nutritional guidance toits members. 

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A crowdfunding platform that allows individual and institutional investors toprovide interim construction lending to real estate developers currentlyprovided for only through traditional banking methods. CoolMellon also has anoffice inside of The Bunker in Chicago. 

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F7 Group

A consulting, corporate onboarding, andnonprofit support company focusing on female veterans and women in militaryfamilies. 

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The Premier Market Place of First Responder Owned Businesses. We help them be found, connecting them to their Patriotic consumers on a easy to use platform. These men and women have honorably severed as (firefighters, police officers, EMTs & Veterans) and now they want to continue serving you. Anything from plumbers to realtors, child care to coffee shops and everything in between. Please visit hireourhero.com today to connect with your hero!

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Horton Tool

Designsand develops new tools for the oilfield that increase productivity, reducecycle time, and save money. 

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Asubscription service that provides members premium-quality socks each month.Each month, Sockwork donates 10 percent of their profits to a selectedveterans-focused charity. 

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A company that produces a line of diaper bags -- "the last diaper bag you'llever need" -- designed with combat-tested materials for the rigors of theoutdoors. 

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Unsweet Tea

Aline of exotic teas and botanicals to provide "healthiness-on-the-go"in a ready-to-drink iced tea. 

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Aprepaid car service that provides on-demand rides with predictable rates. 

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