We all are aware of the personal journey our practice leads us through. From knowing our physical limits at a given time to the mental and emotional high we often feel once stepping off the mat, we root our drive in intentions. Our practice becomes a personal exercise of externalizing our internal desires and wishes. We leave the mat, studio or beach, with hopefully a clearer view of the world and a lifted spirit. With all these deep reflections, it's the teacher guiding the practice that greatly impacts the lasting effect!

Some yogis prefer a "workout" approach to their practice, feeling a hard day's work after the hour. Others enjoy a mellow practice. The style of the teacher may reflect a fast-paced flow, or detailed, systematic scaffolding. Whatever the approach, we find what works for us! What is it that you're drawn to in a teacher, a guiding light? Who have been your most influential teachers and what about them deepens your practice?

Namaste :)


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