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As it becomes cooler, outside air will more than likely be heated for indoor use. Unfortunately this also means that humidity levels inside your home maybe dropping substantially. This in turn affects several things related to hardwood floors such as wood shrinkage.

It is important to remember that winter brings many challenges for hardwood floors, which are often only remembered during the heat and humidity of the summer months. Now that it is winter, furnaces have been running in many regions for several weeks. Therefore shrinkage may occur due to the loss of moisture in the wood.

The only reliable way to prevent cracks from opening is to maintain constant relative humidity year round. A simple investment in a humidifier can do wonders for maintaining a beautiful wood floor.

It is also important to remember that the lack of humidity may also bring about dust migration, which may cause floors to be slippery, which can increase wear. Combine this with inclement weather and there are often radical increases in tracked-in dirt, salt, sand, and grit; so cleaning schedules should be increased to compensate. Frequent dusting, mopping, and cleaning are required more often to maintain beautiful floors during the winter months.

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